Volt with Eneco and PepsiCo.

Food industry, Netherlands

Kraftblock replaces a 25 MW gas boiler with Net-Zero Heat System.

The Volt project will set a new record: the largest commercially deployed high-temperature storage system. It will replace a 25 MW gas-fired boiler for heating thermal oil at the PepsiCo factory in a Broek op Langedijk. From here, 1 million bags of crisps go to eight European countries every day. The storage system will be owned and operated by Eneco, the largest energy supplier in the Netherlands and Belgium.

The potato chip frying process is decarbonized: instead of gas, green heat from Kraftblock heats the thermal oil that supplies heat to the fryers. This decarbonizes 98% of the plant's emission, saving thousands of tons of CO2 each year.

The project is divided into two stages. In the first step, 70 MWh of storage will be installed in two power block units. In the second phase, three more units will be installed, for a total storage capacity of over 150MWh.

Energy data

End of 2024
Storage temperature:
Storage capacity:
70MWh / 150+MWh
Charging power:
2 resp. 5 x 4.5MW
Discharging power:
2 resp. 5 x 4.5MW
Saved energy per year:
4.5million / 9million m3 of gas
Saved emissions per year:
approx. 8,500t CO2 / 17,000t CO2

This project can be replicated throughout the food industry and many other processes in the chemical, paper, and even heavy industries. The Net Zero Heat System allows fossil fuels to be replaced without changing a factory's infrastructure.