Kraftblock is the enabler of the energy transition

The energy landscape is changing: electricity and heating systems are coupled, volatile clean sources need to be stored and dispatched, and low prices for solar and wind power are driving demand for renewable energy. To optimize energy use, avoid curtailment and take advantage of low prices, the Kraftblock storage is a multifunctional tool to support utilities and energy suppliers.

Trusted by leaders and innovators

Kraftblock use cases in the energy industry.

Traditional Power

  • Optimizing power
  • Retrofitting power plants to run on green energy

Renewable Power

  • Utilization instead of curtailment
  • New business without the need for grid
  • Use own plants to decarbonize heat independent of weather

Utilities & District Heating

  • Decarbonize district heating with Net-Zero Heat System
  • Link waste heat sources with the Mobile Heat System

As Tempelman CEO, Eneco

“Kraftblock is the kind of solution we need to scale up and repeat because it makes a huge impact in a relatively short amount of time.”

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Concept Draft

We analyze date, draft a project idea with size and operation mode and indicate a price.


Feasability Study

We set up a detailed concept, define the interface and engineer the plant.


Project Execution

We procure, manufacture, erect, integrate and start up the storage system.