Kraftblock is the multifunctional Energy Storage system for heat and power.

Concentrated Solar Power
Make green heat on high temperatures available.
Replace fossil fuels with renewable power.
Recover Waste Heat
Improve the energy efficiency with unused excess heat.
Stationary & Mobile Storage
Kraftblock links cheap and green energy with your process operation.
Generating Power
Retrofit and optimize power plants.
District Heating
Decarbonize heating networks with small storage systems.
Process Heat
Use green heat for steam, air or thermal oil with Kraftblock.

01 Energy Source

The Kraftblock container charges heat and is able to use different energy sources.

02 Storage

Heat up to 1,300°C is stored in the Kraftblock container for up to two weeks.

03 Applications

The discharged energy is used on any temperature level to generate power, decarbonize heating networks or process heat.

High Capacity
1.2 MWh per m
Cost Efficient
Low operating costs
Up to 40 years
Up to 85% recycled materials
Modular & Scalable Solutions
High Efficiency
Up to 98% round-

The Kraftblock storage.
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Technical Ceramic manufacturer, Germany

Recovering and reusing waste heat in the ceramic industry with Kraftblock.

Start a project

Learn how you can deploy Kraftblock’s Systems.


Concept Draft

We analyze date, draft a project idea with size and operation mode and indicate a price.


Feasability Study

We set up a detailed concept, define the interface and engineer the plant.


Project Execution

We procure, manufacture, erect, integrate and start up the storage system.