Technical Ceramic manufacturer, Germany

Recovering and reusing waste heat in the ceramic industry with Kraftblock.

This storage system was installed at Comet, a manufacturer of ceramic grinding wheels. The system recycles waste heat from a furnace that runs in a batch process. The stored heat is used to preheat the same furnace for a new batch and start it up after the weekend. This saves the fossil fuel needed to preheat the application and avoids the emissions associated with that fuel.

Energy data

Since 2020
Storage temperature:
max. 600°C
Storage capacity:
Charging power:
max. 0.8MW
Discharging power:
max. 0.5MW
Saved energy per year:
depending on operation mode
Saved emissions per year:
approx. 330t CO2

There are many other ways to help the ceramics industry. In any batch process, it makes sense to use storage to link the time when energy is wasted with the time when it is needed. There are also continuous drying processes that can be decarbonized with our Net-Zero Heat System. This can also partially or fully electrify kilns.