Kraftblock in combination with CSP.

The solution for a new generation of concentrated solar power.

The third generation of Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) is an upcoming form of cheap electricity generation without fossil fuels. Usually, salt is used in these systems and Kraftblock could work with that. The use case however is bette with the new technology using an air-driven system and temperatures above 700°C. Thus, it is possible to use Kraftblock's high-temperature approach to shift heat for electricity generation at night or even days later.

How it works



Heat from the receiver tower is fed into the Kraftblock storage via air on
high temperature.



The heat is stored between hours and two weeks.


Discharging and Generation

The stored heat is used to generate power, for example at night.

Learn how you can deploy Kraftblock with you CSP plant.

Dr. George Karagiannakis.
Research Director at the Centre for Research & Technology Hellas

“Kraftblock brings forward a simple, flexible and cost-effective thermal storage solution that cannot be overlooked by energy-intensive industries aiming at reducing their carbon footprint.’’

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Learn how you can deploy Kraftblock in your CSP plant.


Concept Draft

We analyze date, draft a project idea with size and operation mode and indicate a price.


Feasability Study

We set up a detailed concept, define the interface and engineer the plant.


Project Execution

We procure, manufacture, erect, integrate and start up the storage system.