Kraftblock's Net-Zero Heat System.

Carbon free process heat up to 1,300°C.

The Net-Zero Heat System aims to replace fossil fuels such as gas, oil  and coal for heat generation in industries, district heating and even power generation.
The storage system stores renewable electricity as heat, can shift the availibility of the green source to supply 24/7 operation in compact storages on high-temperatures up to 1,300°C and supplies processes with heat from 50°C to 1,300°C.

How it works


Electricity conversion

Electricity from the grid or own plants is converted into heat with 98% efficiency.



The heat can be stored from minutes to two weeks inside the Kraftblock container.



The stored heat is discharged as air, steam, thermal oil, water or gas and adapted without energy loss to the right temperature to supply the process.

Learn how you can deploy Kraftblock’s Net-Zero Heat System.

Reduce your costs with Kraftblock


The Net-Zero Heat System allows you to benefit economically by reducing your costs. Not only is the CAPEX of the Kraftblock thermal energy storage low in comparison to other storages. Because of the ability to shift energy, the Kraftblock system charges from the grid when prices are low or even negative. Also, cheap (surplus) electricity from your own plants can be used, or you can benefit from a PPA that fits the use case. In addition, you save the cost of emissions such as EUA or other carbon taxes.

Volt with Eneco and PepsiCo.

Food industry, Netherlands

Kraftblock replaces a 25 MW gas boiler with Net-Zero Heat System.

Start a project

Learn how you can deploy Kraftblock’s
Net-Zero Heat System.


Concept Draft

We analyze date, draft a project idea with size and operation mode and indicate a price.


Feasability Study

We set up a detailed concept, define the interface and engineer the plant.


Project Execution

We procure, manufacture, erect, integrate and start up the storage system.