Kraftblock is on a mission to decarbonize the industry.

The climate crisis is advancing rapidly. The biggest effort to slow it down and stop it is the energy transition, the phasing out of fossil fuels and the integration of renewables. Especially for heat and cogeneration, there is a need for sustainable and efficient technologies that are also financially advantageous. By addressing this challenge with unparalleled innovation, we empower industries to embrace environmentally responsible practices, shaping a brighter future for generations to come.

We need a heat transition.


Of global Energy consumption is heat.


Of generated heat comes from fossil fuels.


CO2 emissions are from industrial heat processes.


Increase in industrial heat by 2050 is forecasted.

Martin Schichtel CEO, Kraftblock

"Industry is one of the biggest levers to reduce carbon emissions. With Kraftblock we can have an enormous impact to decarbonize it by huge amounts. This is the right direction for the humankind on our planet.”

Management Team

Martin Schichtel


Susanne König


Andrew Emil


Christian Gebhardt


Karsten Dieckhoff

VP Engineering

Christian Kissling

Head of Sales

Our Journey


Kraftblock was founded by Martin Schichtel and Susanne König. The storage material that the Kraftblock system is based on was developed by Martin during his research in nanoparticle composites and smart coatings at the Leibnitz Institute for New Materials at Saarland University.


The first stationary storage system was built as a prototype. Frank Thelen and his Deep Tech Fund Freigeist Capital joined the Kraftblock mission with a seed investment.


The first mobile storage system was built as a prototype. Kraftblock enters a partnership with MAN Energy Solutions' gas business unit Kraftblock secures Series A investment from cleantech investor Koolen Industries.


Six investors join Kraftblock in their mission with €20 million: Finindus, TechEnergy Ventures, Shell Ventures, Future Industry Ventures, A&G and Moore Strategic Ventures fund.

Our Investors

Our Partners

The Kraftblock team. Join us in our mission to decarbonize the industry.