Revolutionizing CSP and the Brayton cycle with Kraftblock.

Solar energy holds a bright future. And solar energy is not only PV: Kraftblock takes part in a new research project that focuses on optimizing CSP for power generation. The goal is to invent a system that uses air-operated concentrating solar-thermal power plants, thermo-chemical storages and an air-Brayton turbine to achieve better affordability and efficiency for CSP in the future.

Hence, the project, funded by the EU's Horizon programme under grant agreement No. 101084569, is called ABraytCSPfuture. A for Air, Brayt for the Brayton gas turbine, supplied by CSP.
Get a technology deep dive on the website: https://www.abraytcspfuture.eu/ 

Kraftblock will contribute its knowledge to build the storage vessel. We believe, CSP has an important role in the decarbonization of high-temperature process heat and holds a lot of benefits for power generation. Thus, proudly we take part in the development.

Kraftblock is part of a strong consortium for this project: