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Decarbonizing energy in Lithium production.

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Lithium mining is an energy intensive process. Read about the heat needed and how to decarbonize it.

Recovering waste heat in copper refining.

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The copper industry needs to decarbonize its energy. Kraftblock is able to reutilize waste heat and partially electrify the processes in a smart way.

German Vice Chancellor Habeck visits Kraftblock.

German Minister for Energy, Economics and Climate Affairs and Vice Chancellor Robert Habeck visits Kraftblock to discuss energy storages and the replacement of fossil fuels in industries.

Averting methane emissions in the fossil fuel industry.

Read about the issue of methane leaks and flare gas in oil & gas and how to reduce energy demand with recycling it.

Kraftblock wins German Energy Efficiency Award.

Kraftblock, PepsiCo and Eneco win the German Energy Efficiency Award from dena.

Upcycling Energy in Urban Mining

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